Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Association’s New Year’s Resolutions

Oregon's capitol
Happy New Year! Now that we’ve survived the holiday season of 60+ football bowl games, putting up and taking down the Christmas decorations, and attempting to watch what we eat and drink (for me unsuccessfully as usual) it is time for making New Year’s resolutions. I’m a believer in making these and every once in awhile a resolution has actually been made and followed by yours truly.

For instance, my 1986 resolution was to quit smoking and January 1, 2014 marks 28 years of non-smoking – a good thing. I must confess that there are the annual resolutions of losing weight (and keeping it off) and eating healthier that are not religiously kept. However, I’m making them again in 2014 as only a stubborn Irishman can do. One has to set goals to succeed, right?

With that thought in mind, I’m going to share ORLA’s New Year’s resolutions for 2014 with you. These are the best kind of resolutions because they are made by someone else (ORLA’s staff) so you aren’t faced with meeting them yourselves but you will be the beneficiary if ORLA’s staff keeps them. Doing so will benefit the industry and your business. So, with this win/win proposition in mind, here are your association’s 2014 resolutions:

•    ORLA resolves to continue to operate the preeminent government affairs program in Oregon for the benefit of the industry and ORLA’s members. This includes an on-going role as one of the general business lobby’s leaders in Salem.

•    ORLA resolves to be the information source for the industry whenever an issue, question or problem needs to be addressed and/or answered with current and specific information.

•    ORLA resolves to continue to be a leader in the promotion of the industry, and all the wonderful benefits it provides our state, to Oregon’s public and private interests and the state’s print and electronic media.

•    ORLA resolves to continue to be the leader in providing mandated training to the industry. Constantly updating and improving our pioneering online training products is a must to keep our members’ employees properly trained and informed.

•    ORLA resolves to continue to fund and operate one of Oregon’s largest business political action committees to support the campaigns of pro-industry candidates to the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate. Doing so will ensure that the hospitality industry’s stature and voice are recognized and heard in Oregon’s political arena.

•    ORLA resolves to continually ask our members and the hospitality industry what they want their association to do for them, and to act on those requests in an expeditious manner.

•    Finally, and most importantly, ORLA resolves to never forget that we exist to represent, advocate for, inform and educate our members and industry. This is our mission and one we take very seriously.

As you can see, we have a great deal to do in the coming year. All of our resolutions are based on what our members have told us they want their association to do for them. You have a staff of association professionals dedicated to making your industry a better, more profitable one to work in. We welcome you to join us in representing our great industry.

In fact, I would suggest that you make a resolution to join ORLA, if you aren't a member already, in 2014 and become part of the only trade association in Oregon that represents and promotes your business’s welfare. Team up with ORLA’s dedicated staff of professionals this year. Doing so will be one of the best, and least expensive, business decisions you can make in the coming year.

Steve McCoid
President & CEO, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association