The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) is the leading business association for the foodservice and lodging industry in Oregon. ORLA represents over 3,000 members, and advocates for over 10,500 foodservice locations and 2,200 lodging establishments in Oregon. The foodservice and lodging industry is responsible for 158,600 jobs bringing in over $7.5 billion in annual sales and generates 54% of the annual tourism dollars spent in Oregon.


ORLA is a not-for-profit trade organization at the forefront of restaurant and lodging associations across the nation. The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association's mission is to advocate, protect, educate and promote the foodservice and lodging industry.

Advocacy & Protection

Representing, promoting and protecting the industry, is the association's Government Affairs staff and committee leadership. ORLA leadership is demonstrated in: Effective lobbying at the Oregon Legislature, a proactive watchdog on State and Federal Agencies and political action support for candidates. ORLA is committed to providing its members with a strong voice at all levels and is dedicated to helping elect business minded candidates to public office.


ORLA is the largest trainer in the foodservice and lodging industry in Oregon. Each year thousands of Oregon employees receive training mandated by the government. ORLA has a variety of hospitality education opportunities and materials, and accessible and affordable training delivery systems. ORLA's certification and training programs strengthen the skills and professionalism of today's hospitality workforce.

ORLA through the education foundation and ProStart® program trains high school students interested in culinary arts and restaurant and foodservice management. ProStart® blends together culinary and management skills and includes profiles of industry leaders to build a stronger connection between the classroom and the industry.


Members save millions of dollars annually by using ORLA's endorsed services. ORLA's professional staff saves you valuable time by interviewing and analyzing these companies' products, services and pricing. You receive the highest quality service at competitive pricing when you use a company endorsed by ORLA.

ORLA is dedicated to providing interesting and informative publications to help protect and promote your business while keeping you abreast of the issues and trends that help your business succeed.

For more information about the association please contact us via email or by calling 503.682.4422 or 800.462.0619.

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