Monday, December 22, 2014

ORLA Keeps You Up to Date on Emerging Issues

Ebola, marijuana, data security. These are all current topics that we’ve seen in the news, deal with in our businesses, and that represent challenges to anyone managing a lodging property. Some of these are new, some are issues you might think you’d never deal with, and some are issues that you’ve dealt with that keep changing due to on-going improvements in technology. In all cases, they are matters that you need to know about and know how to deal with if they arrive at your place of business. Our December issue of Lodging News addresses each of these topics for you.

You’re busy running your business on a daily basis. You don’t have the time to keep up with these and the many other issues that crop up daily and monthly to affect your profitability. That is a major reason ORLA exists. We are here to communicate these types of issues to you through communication vehicles like our two magazines, e-newsletters, special e-bulletins and our website.

ORLA provides you a one-stop, go-to organization that you can utilize to stay up to date on these emerging issues. Oh, and by the way, we also advocate for reasonable, manageable solutions at the state and local levels to the policy makers who react to the onset of these challenges with new laws, ordinances and regulations.

You need to be up to date. You need to be responsive. You need to be aware of new and emerging issues. You need to be able to answer questions raised by your customers. You can attempt to find the answers on your own, or you can support ORLA and have that one-stop place to get your questions answered accurately and in a timely manner. Give us a try. I guarantee you’ll like the results and make your business lives just a little bit easier and less stressful while doing so. | Steve McCoid, ORLA President & CEO