Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oregon Restaurants & Lodging Focus On What Matters - People.

Over 90% of restaurants in Oregon are philanthropic. We are part of our respective communities. It is intrinsic in our industry to give back.

Cousin’s Restaurant in The Dalles is an excellent example of how the restaurant and lodging industry is passionate about supporting and being a part the community.

Below is a letter sent into The Dalles Chronicle by Rev. Clyde Sanda regarding Jack Preston, one of Cousin’s guests who passed away this past week.

Jack’s Table

To the editor:

Working as a chaplain for Heart of Hospice has given me the opportunity to work with some truly amazing people in our community. Every once in a while though, a group of people really give special meaning to the word “community”.

Cousin’s Restaurant employs that kind of people. Jack Preston died last Sunday at 95. One of the highlights of his last few years was his daily lunch at Cousin’s. The staff was his local family. He had his own special table. The hostesses always walked with him, no matter how slow he walked those last few months. The wait staff knew which was his favorite soup of the day (no bread or crackers). The last month or so, when he could no longer drive, they would always ask if he needed a meal to go. I was with him one of the times he fell. The staff was there immediately. One called 911, another rerouted customers to give him privacy, another was in tears. Everyone came to see if he was alright (he was). Finally, Jack got to the point he was bed-ridden and could not leave the house. Whenever we would go to Cousin’s to buy him some soup, they would always ask about him and ask us to tell Jack how much they cared for him. One waitress even bought his soup.

One of the last things Jack said to me was how special the people at Cousin’s were to him. He asked me to let them know. In the overall scheme of life, Jack was just another little old man eating lunch. But the staff at Cousin’s treated him like he was special. They probably have no idea how much their kindness and friendship was to him. He loved all of them. So, the next time you go to Cousin’s, look for the plaque that says, “Jack’s Table.” And remember that we live in a community of very special people.

Love and Blessings to the staff at Cousin’s,

Rev. Clyde Sanda, Chaplain
Heart of Hospice
Hood River

Cousin’s has honored Jack by placing a coffee cup, soup bowl, flowers and a picture of the honored at his table.

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