Thursday, April 7, 2011

McDonald's To Hire 50,000 In One Day.


It was recently posted on Nation's Restaurant News that McDonald’s Corp. officials said the company’s plan to hire 50,000 people in one day presents it with an opportunity to show that a “McJob” isn’t a dead end but rather the start of a career. Read the article here, there is no information as to how many of those jobs will land in Oregon.

We agree that perceived "burger flipping" jobs are not a dead end job. The foodservice industry offers much more such as: discipline, structure, purpose, responsibility along with developing business acumen and human interaction skills.

There is earning potential as well. Here are the average wages at the store level (source: Glassdoor)
  • Cashier - Hourly $7.81
  • Crew Member - Hourly $7.81
  • Shift Manager - Hourly $9.81
  • Assistant Store Manager $28,389 annual
  • Store Manager $36,629 annual

Aside from earning potential and developing life skill-sets, working in the quick service industry does lead to jobs in other industry segments. Today's McDonald's employee may be tomorrow's waiter, chef or franchisee owner. There is a lot of potential when you work in the foodservice industry.

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