Monday, December 19, 2016

Changes Are At Your Doorstep

We have a monumental change in the White House as Donald Trump prepares to take the reins of leadership in Washington D.C. No matter how you participated in this year’s election process, there are a number of realities that should be discussed in lodging circles as a result of Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency.

First off, Mr. Trump is a hotelier. This fact should give the lodging community some reason to believe there will be a receptive ear to the issues facing the industry and that the United States will continue to promote the growth of international travel experiences to our country with the assistance of our President-elect.

Secondly, it seems clear that infrastructure investment will be made a priority as part of Mr. Trump’s presidency. You may have noticed that infrastructure investments was the second thing mentioned in his victory speech. Here in Oregon that commitment should come as welcome news as we all understand the correlation between transportation investments and travel.

Another element of note is Mr. Trump’s commitment to keeping American jobs at home. As a hotelier, Mr. Trump realizes that the hospitality industry is full of positions that cannot be outsourced effectively and although technology may change that in some respects our industry remains full of growth opportunities for domestic job creation.

According to U.S. Travel, inbound international travel is ranked second as an industry export and accounts for 10 percent of all U.S. export dollars. This reality showcases how key it will be that international travelers continue to receive value for the dollars they bring and spend in our country.

As advocacy efforts ramp up here in Oregon, I hope you will make the decision to get out on the field and join us for ORLA Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 28. That afternoon is our opportunity to mobilize for the hospitality industry and make sure your businesses are further understood by those we choose to elect as lawmakers in our state. If you would like more information, email me at or visit | Jason Brandt